Cast Concrete Housing – moladi insitu structures

“Traditional building is not the way to go” – Hennie Botes CEO of moladi

“Traditional building is not the way to go”, says Hennie Botes from Moladi Construction Technology. The company started in 1996 and is now exporting its technology to 21 countries worldwide. Hennie Botes has been developing the mould since 1986 and owns a patent on the plastic formwork.

With the moladi moulds it is possible to erect a 80 sqm house in 4h and the cost is half of a brick cost

The building system was nominated by UN development programme to fight for Millennium Goals and is also a finalist of the Clinton Foundation.

moladi Construction process

moladi Construction process

“People are so entrenched in traditional masonry construction that it was very difficult for them to see the advantages of Moladi as a holistic building system and although the industry has been moving forward since Roman days, formwork is really a simple method of using a cast structure,” says Botes.

Botes says that for some time he has stated that traditional methods are not the way to go, but now people are coming to them because they realise that traditional is not the solution.

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